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The Year in Review


This year, 2014, is the 4th year the AMHS Sports Hall of Fame has inducted members.  

Although the 2014 class is smaller in size, the quality of candidates is equal to past years. Last year was the first year a team was selected for inclusion in the Hall of Fame. Members of the 1999-2000 Boys Basketball NY State Championship team traveled from as far away as California to attend the induction ceremony.

Another of the goals set forth by the Board of Directors is to revitalize the Gym Lobby that you enter for the Hall of Fame gala. This goal is being divided into two parts.

The first part is being completed as this is being written. The committee, with the support of the Amityville Board of Education and the administration under the new Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Mary Kelly, has removed all pictures and plaques from the walls.

These awards and pictures are being cleaned and catalogued so the district has a list of the many awards and honors our athletes have earned over the years.

The Amityville building staff has painted the gym lobby a light grey to lighten up the room and accented it with red to highlight the red and gray school colors.

The final process of the first stage is to replace all of the memorabilia in a meaningful way so that each area in the lobby is dedicated to a particular sport.

The AMHS Sports Hall of Fame has its own spot for its honorees.

The second part of the project is to tackle the trophy cases. The plan is to clean and catalogue all the trophies and plaques and display them in an updated, visually-appealing fashion.

The Board of Directors looks forward to the completion of this project.

The AMHS Sports Hall of Fame again awarded two scholarships of $250 each for the female and male athlete that displayed leadership on a sports team. The students must apply for the scholarship and write a 250 word essay defining leadership and how they were leaders on their respective teams.

Once again the awards were given to two outstanding students: Roxanne Roach and Kaashief Morgan. Both winners are attending Delaware State University.

The AMHS Sports Hall of Fame Board of Directors continues to sell Memory Lane bricks which are placed at the entrance to the track. The Memory Lane or Walk of Fame provides a lasting memory and an historical gateway to our track and football field.

If you are interested in purchasing a Memory Lane brick, please speak to one of the Directors who will be happy to give you an application form. The cost of a brick is $125. Thank you for your support of this project.

Thanks to the efforts of our webmaster Pat Linehan, we continue updating our website.

Nomination forms as well as other pertinent information can be downloaded at the site.

The Amityville High School Sports Hall of Fame Board of Directors  thanks the Amityville High School administration and the Amityville Board of Education as well as the community at large for all their support in making the Amityville Memorial High School Sports Hall of Fame event a continuing success.