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For a number of years Reynolds Hawkins had a vision to establish the Amityville Memorial High School Sports Hall of Fame.  This year he resolved to make his vision a reality.  Four other individuals agreed with his vision and started meeting in October setting the goal to have the first “Amityville High School Sports Hall of Fame” installation during the October, 2011 Amityville High School Homecoming.

A frame work was established by the committee for those categories to be honored this year.  Forms were created so the nomination process could begin.  All the members of the committee reached out to the community by speaking before many community groups, including a report to the Amityville Board of Education.

The committee was ready to accept nominations. The cut off date for nominations was set for June 1, 2011. Nominations started to arrive and the committee set to work making the tough decision of who would be voted into the first class.  The committee thanks everyone who submitted nominations for this class.  Much thought and time were devoted to the selections.  The committee has carried over the names of those nominated but not selected this year for consideration for next year’s class.

Members of the committee include Reynolds Hawkins, Jessica Bernius, Jerry Pollock, Claude Byer, and Bruce Pescitelli.

Reynolds serves as chairman of the committee.  He is an Amityville School alumnus, a member the Amityville High School faculty, and an outstanding track star in his own right.  He is presently the very successful track coach for Amityville High School

Jessica “Thole” Bernius serves as secretary of the committee.  She is an Amityville School alumnus and a gold key recipient.  She has recently retired from teaching elementary physical education in the Amityville Schools.

Jerry Pollock serves as treasurer of the committee.  Jerry is an Amityville School alumnus and was very active in the sports program while attending Amityville.  He is a retired Amityville School teacher and a successful Amityville soccer and wrestling coach.  He is still active coaching sports in Amityville.

Claude Byer is a well respected retired Amityville secondary math teacher.  Besides his teaching duties he coached the Amityville girls’ basketball team to several championships during his coaching years. He is currently involved in community affairs in Central Islip.

Bruce Pescitelli is an Amityville School alumnus and is a Detective on the Amityville Police Department.  He was an outstanding athlete and participated in many sports at Amityville High School.